And welcome to SUSSout, a blog about sussing out sustainability.

I’m Gauri and I’m basically, nearly, almost completely obsessed with sustainability in the fashion industry.

About this blog

I’m pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge and as a part of our course work, we have to write a blog posts around a personal sustainability leadership opportunity.

How it all started

In 2013, I interned with a consultancy in 2013 working with an apparel manufacturer (now my employer!) in India. The internship started right after the collapse of the Rana Plaza, a multi-story garment factory in Bangladesh, which killed over 1,100 people who were making clothes for the world’s biggest brands. I was completely shocked by this incident. How could something like this happen to people who were doing their jobs like many of us? Shaped by this incident and my internship, I’ve spent the last five years learning about how businesses can be more responsible, first as a consultant and now by working in the apparel industry on workers’ well-being and supply chain sustainability.

The beginning of SUSS

Through my work I realised that while there is a lot of negativity around the industry, there are also individuals and organisations who are actively driving positive change. And I wanted to bring them together. This is why, in January 2018, I started India’s first and only community and events platform dedicated to sustainable fashion – SUSS (Sustainable Style Speak).  

SUSS has nearly 500 community members brands, designers, consumers, industry professionals, students, writers, film-makers, and others who regularly share experiences and collaborate on projects. We also host a series of events combining films, panel discussions, lighting talks, workshops, clothes swaps, and networking. We also started a ‘hustlers’ series which profiles our community members through blog posts and social media.

SUSS is run by me and another co-founder, along with a wonderful network of volunteers who support our events.

What will I be blogging about?

My personal leadership opportunity would be around growing the SUSS community. Specifically, I want to focus on launching a SUSS podcast in 2019 – exciiitinnggg (and scary!). The goal of the podcast would be to weave a new narrative around sustainable fashion, from the place where clothes are made. Through the podcast, we would feature conversations with ‘hustlers’ that are driving change in the industry. We’ll initially focus on those working in manufacturing countries like India and then eventually expand to others as we get more traction.

I have no idea how to make it happen or whether it’ll even fly, but it’s worth a shot.

Here goes nothing.