But what about sustaining mental health while working in sustainability?

This is a question several of my community members have brought up. Phrases like eco-anxiety or eco-anger are commonly used to describe what a lot of young people are feeling these days. This emotion is even more intense for those who are studying or working in sustainability. Everyday we make incremental progress towards our goals.… Continue reading But what about sustaining mental health while working in sustainability?


How the fashion industry is rallying together to achieve net-zero emissions

According a recent report by Quantis, the apparel and footwear industry contributes 8% to the world’s greenhouse gas (GHS) emissions, which almost as much as the climate impact of the European Union. This is why in December 2018, the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action was launched under UN Climate Change with leading brands, retailers,… Continue reading How the fashion industry is rallying together to achieve net-zero emissions

SUSS: Building a sustainable fashion community

Personal sustainability leadership opportunity In January 2018, I started Sustainable Style Speak (SUSS) as a Facebook Group to connect with people interested in or working in the space of sustainable fashion. What started as a personal interest, soon became a community of brilliant people and a series of events, experiences and interactions that convinced me… Continue reading SUSS: Building a sustainable fashion community


And welcome to SUSSout, a blog about sussing out sustainability. I’m Gauri and I’m basically, nearly, almost completely obsessed with sustainability in the fashion industry. About this blog I’m pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge and as a part of our course work, we have to write a blog posts around a… Continue reading Hello